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Jumat, 19 Desember 2008

Video Stoning shoes George Bush SEO Test

Insiden Sepatu Bush

Busby SEO Test Hot News - Incidents of stoning shoes to President George W Bush is considered shameful for the Office of the U.S. Secret aka Secret Service responsible for the security of Bush Busby SEO Test.
Shameful because a reporter can be twice threw shoes to Bush Busby SEO Test. However dicetuskan a number of former secret agents of the Office of the U.S..

“What will make this Office as a shameful thing? Yes. They will take steps in the future? Maybe,” said William H. Pickle, a former secret agents of the Office.

“But things like this can happen,” he said while adding that the most important is there is no real threat in the incident.
Insiden Pelemparan Sepatu“If he can enter and hide weapons, then we have a real problem,” This pungkasnya such as Los Angeles Times, Tuesday (16/12/2008).

A former secret agents of the Office of the other, Patrick J. Lennon, deplores the agents that he was moving slower than it should. “I think they should respond after the first pitch shoes,” he said.

Lennon disclosed, the agents maintain that Bush Busby SEO Test can not immediately in front of Bush Busby SEO Test because they are placed in the room, not on the side of Bush Busby SEO Test. Fortunately, Bush Busby SEO Test conditioned quickly, so that’s twice the pitch of the shoes.

“Bush Busby SEO Test conditioned quickly. I’m proud of it,” said Lennon, praised Bush Busby SEO Test.

Bush had ever had a serious security threat in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2005. At that time, live grenade was thrown toward Bush are speaking in front of the throng of people. Grenade did not explode. The agent eventually sentenced to lifetime imprisonment by the Georgian authorities. Busby SEO Test Hot News

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