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Kamis, 19 Maret 2009

Create the login script in windows 2003 server

  1. At the Domain Controller (i.e. the computer you use to add new users to the domain), use Windows Explorer (or My Computer) to locate C:\Winnt\SYSvol\sysvol\[domain].com\scripts where [domain] is the name of the domain that the workstations log in to.
  2. On the File menu, select New|Text Document.
  3. Double-click the 'New Text Document' icon to open it in Notepad.
  4. Enter the required commands.
  5. On the 'File' menu, click 'Save As'. In the 'Save As' dialog box, change 'Save as type' to 'All Files' and save the file with the name login.bat.
  6. Close Notepad and Windows Explorer (or My Computer).
  • Assign the login script
  1. At the taskbar, click Start|Settings|Control Panel.
  2. In the 'Control Panel' window, double-click 'Administrative Tools'.
  3. In the 'Administrative Tools' window, double-click 'Active Directory Users and Computers'.
  4. In the 'Active Directory Users and Computers' window, click the Users folder in the Tree pane.
  5. In the Name list, right-click the name of a user that needs to have the login script assigned to them. In the menu that is displayed, select 'Properties'.
  6. In the '[user] Properties' dialog box (where [user] is the name of the user you right-clicked), click the Profile tab. In the 'Logon script' text box, type 'login.bat'. Click 'OK'.
  7. Now repeat this procedure for each user to whom you want to assign the login script.

The next time those users log in, the login script will run on their computers.

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